Npr iphone app not updating

You can upload a to the ftp server and we will transcode it to a . This provides an easier workflow for your station and ensures consistent quality and predictable performance in the app.

files are accepted but please be aware that the audio may not be of good quality and may be skipped in the app due to longer load/buffering times. NPR One will run as an enlarged i Phone App on i Pad, however there is a plan to add support for i Pads on our Roadmap.

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Stations that don’t have a digital newscast will need to create one and upload it to the ftp location.If your station does not have an FTP location readily available, Digital Services can provide a location for hosting newscasts files. The i Tunes Radio stream is another distribution point for your live stream. NPR One is a new digital listening smartphone app that will blend NPR and Member Station content into a rich, localized, on-demand experience. You may directly market to these listeners as you see fit, but stations may not share or sell the data with other parties, such as sponsors or other non-profits.We get name information for all Google and Facebook logins, but name is not *presently* required for an login. ) So if you've logged in using credentials and your profile didn't include a name, you'll be addressed as Friend.***In the App Store Hall of Fame*** Experience NPR as a delightful magazine!If the user changes his station, all subsequent emails (including the donation email) will display the NEW station, not the best-guess station.

We'll be watching our auto-assign success percentage.Newscasts older than 2 hours will expire in order to ensure fresh content. You have the option to extend expiration to 4 or 6 hours.If you are not hearing a newscast, first ensure that you have provided a newscast less than the set expiration in Station Connect, if you still don't hear your newscast, check the troubleshooting steps below: • Does your newscast have an .mp3, .mp4 or extension?They will also be encouraged to provide a few items to expose their branding, including a station logo, sonic IDs, and a station identification audio piece (optional).Some stations currently produce digital newscasts so the only additional work for those stations would be to drop the newscast into an ftp folder feeding a static URL that is placed into Station Connect.All listener data is subject to the NPR Privacy Policy.