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'Referencing the fact that Kirk announced to her at Christmas that Violett would be getting a half-sibling in 2017, Holli typed: 'I think I acted like [any] women would but to be quite honest I'm not mad about you and this girl.'I'm mad because you do nothing for Violett and never provide a penny for her and make out I've stopped you seeing her which can only be described as buls**t! But yet you seek all this attention for the public playing the victim [sic].' Lashing out: Clearly sick of Kirk's public declarations of sadness over his estranged daughter, Holli has tried to set the record straight on the matter, slamming the reality star for insinuating she is a 'bad mum'Holli then moved on to the aforementioned first birthday, that Kirk had posted about on Twitter the day before: 'What have you actually done about seeing Violett more to the point did you even get her a bday card or pressie you know where I live to drop it [sic].'She added: 'It's way easy to blame me for this all going wrong and why you don't see your daughter bottom line is I'm a good mum and a decent person.'According to her latest tweet, Holli then hopped on a plane - presumably with Violett - for a holiday in the Bahamas.

Sharing a snap of him resting alongside his pregnant partner, he wrote: 'He's on his way! 'When the tot arrives, it will be Kirk's second child in a year.

His former girlfriend Holli gave birth to daughter Violett last year - but they have since split and been caught up in a nasty row amid claims she has blocked the reality star seeing her.

He got another girl pregnant when his daughter was 3 months old!

'Mail Online has contacted Kirk's representatives for comment.

Essex boy Kirk first sent the rumour mill into overdrive when he uploaded a picture of a woman dining at local hotspot Sugar Hut.

He wrote next to the image: 'Lunch date with her and our bump' - a caption which he subsequently deleted.Those military appointments were to 19 students, including seven each to the U. Mill Creek High graduates the largest class this year with 952 students, followed by Brookwood High with 786, and Norcross High with 755. The class of 2017 includes 3,092 honor graduates, who are graduating with a grade-percent average of 90 or better. A little appreciation wouldn't go amiss for bringing Violett up for the last year despite you coming and goin when you feel like it going weeks without seeing her on your own back [sic].'I said nothing when you didn't turn up because you were getting your hair cut or let's put it bluntly out gettin your end away making another girl pregnant [sic].'Holli was referring to the fact that Kirk has since announced he is expecting another child with someone else, making that two children in just over a year.She went on: '[You] never paid and still [I] just put up with you coming round for a hour just to take a picture and put it on social media!The majority of the scholarship amount, more than million, was earned for academic achievement. As of May of 2017, 19 Gwinnett seniors earned a full scholarship through the Quest Bridge College Match Program.