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101 has YOUR interests very close to it's heart as it was begun soley to help all church goers everywhere that are struggling to meet new people and single friends.

Well at least I woke up, and for awhile I was bed-ridden and couldn't really move much. (and being blonde The Good Lord gave me many gifts and talents. Like 40 thru 70's music, running, outdoor activities, Writing poetry and prose, sci-fi movies, socializing helping people, especially those who are I'm a man has who has been many places and seen a lot of things.Then I started using a wheelchair, and then I started to learn how to walk with a cane. I'm a mom to three grown children and a gram to three wonderful grandchildren. I consider myself to be a reasonably good person but the real judge of that is in the Lords eyes. A solitary leaf wandering through a watery cascade in the freshness of an autumn morn. I've been to three continents, but still have a special place in my heart for my home. In short, I'm like an onion: you can keep peeling and you'll keep finding more layers.The book far exceeded the sales expectations of Multnomah, its publisher, and has spawned an entire genre of works on how to do relationships in a "Christian way." Recent titles include Dating and Waiting ...If you would like to donate any amount, click the link below, and please note: donations are not tax deductible, as this is a small ministry, not a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation. Always support your local church and missions first. As you may or may not have noticed, there are several '101' dating advice sites on the web these days but you probably don't realise that this site was the original - written around the year 1999 after the author read a slew of bad secular dating books and felt that there needed to be something more spirutually based on God and His Word and The Bible.

So unlike most of the other guides out there, this one is specically for Christians to help them in their singles walk. The Bible does not really offer much in the way of advice in the arena courting, however anyone that has read it cover to cover gets a very very good idea of the kinds of things we as Christians should be looking for in a husband or wife - after all we're not dating for fun - we're looking for a spouse right?!In his book, Harris encourages young Christians to look beyond our Western culture's dominant paradigm for developing serial intimate relationships (namely, the process of "dating") and instead commit to "purposeful singleness." Romantic relationships, he suggests, should exist only as a means to preparing for marriage—what's commonly called "courting." Harris avoids that quaint-sounding term in , but the idea is implicit in his promotion of relationships that emphasize long-term commitment and the supervision of the community of believers over and against traditional dating, which he feels emphasizes self-centered emotional and physical satisfaction.Harris's book struck a chord with an entire generation of young believers.101 also provides information on the cheapest, the most expensive and the best value date services for singles and Christian dating sites.So you should by browsing these articles be able to find some of the best Christian web sites of interest, Internet bookstores that sell related books on dating etc, and of course many many Christian singles advice articles such as how to be confident, preparing for a meeting with someone and the inds of things than men and women generally and reasonably expect from each other.However I was still a little bit of an atheist, and then I moved out of the Nurs I am a wholesome Christian lady. I have had the pleasure living in different places. to see if there be truly a like minded Believer who can actually communicate and wants to do so. Looking to meet new friends that would feel comfortable sharing with me as I with them. The kind of woman I'm interested in knowing is someone who has kept herself pure and doesn't need to defile her body in any way to make herself more attractive to others. If you think this may describe you, then fell free to send me a message. ) I am currently enrolled as a half-time degree student at my local Community College, and am pursing a Liberal Studies degree.