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And doing the right thing can mean many things, including making work that says something important, and taking a risk because it feels necessary.

I think all art should come from a place of necessity.

It had this veneer of an English tea party, barely concealing deep dis-ease and anger, and every now and then it would crack and flood to the surface like silt. Aitken, sat us down - a group of 12- and 13-year-old kids - to talk about what had happened.

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From a nihilistic opening fusion of pleasure and pain, Croft embarks on a wordless assault on patriarchy and performative norms in order to break on through to the other side where a collective display of elation awaits. “With its endless dreary words..all that pointless moving about...” He goes further. “I just wish they'd stand still sometimes and let the audience look at the scenery.” It's not difficult to see why Kneehigh Theatre's former artistic director Emma Rice fell for Jamieson's 1992 play, which sees Marc and Bella living through the Russian revolution and the dawn of Nazism, finding their own artistic and personal liberation en route.

Inbetween in Nisha Madhan's production, she screams, she shouts, she adopts different voices and identities, and, ultimately, she doesn't give a flying one in a magnificent provocation that culminates in a karaoke finale that takes the double edged sword of the show's title and shakes it into submission. As played by Marc Antolin and Audrey Brisson, they are the ultimate arty couple, burling their way through the greyness of history, filling the world with colour as they go, even as Bella is left holding the baby while Marc indulges his muse.

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I still think about this a lot, and it helps me in making all sorts of choices in life and in my work.

Getting hurt can mean many things: it can mean a punch in the face, or it can mean being unpopular or wrong or embarrassed.She condensed story, sadness, grief, burden, politics, activism, anger and beauty into one simple action.The specificity of this action changed the way I see imagery in performance.It's also a meticulously planned assault that reinvents the early confrontational spirit of Peter Handke for the stand-up age.Naked dada is alive and kicking, it seems, in a playfully spiteful show. IN Power Ballad, New Zealand iconoclast Julia Croft goes for the jugular, in an hour-long mash-up of live art and karaoke that goes some way to give full unfettered voice to a brand new way of being. ,” painter Marc Chagall says at one point when bemoaning his lot in The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk, Daniel Jamieson's dramatic homage to Chagall's love affair with his writer, wife Bella.Accompanied by musicians Ian Ross and James Gow, Rice's production taps into the high-flying irreverence of old-school alternative cabaret to breathe pure unfettered life into a passion-filled romance that never stopped moving for a second. Readers’ comments: You are personally liable for the content of any comments you upload to this website, so please act responsibly.