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Ralph didn't seem to mind as I lowered myself onto him facing Sheila and Jose.

Jose, the best man, started clinking a glass, demanding Ralph kiss his bride Sheila yet again.But Ralph had other ideas and, along with his kiss, a hand came to rest on Sheila's ample breast.Two fingers inside me and a thumb working on my clit were enough to start my orgasm anew. He pushed himself into me and bent over to play with my tits. As I pushed him onto his back, I looked over at Sheila. Revenge for treatment of a classmate, that make's her see the need for his forgiveness through her ass punishments... She was laying on her back with her knees up to her chin and Jose was fucking her! Then there was a sharp gasp, and she turned to grab Ralph's head and resume kissing him.

Clink, clink, clink became "Go, go, go." As she started to writhe with pleasure, Ralph managed to unclip her bra at the front and we all got a look at her chest.Ralph apparently had no problem with this idea and soon he was leaning over me, kissing me, sucking on my nipples and using his fingers to bring me back to a "welcoming" condition. Juli is a cute 18 y/o who wears tight jean shorts with a visible panty line across her bottom, that makes you want to spank her with a paddle.I'm sure i was already a mess down there but it didn't bother him. He was lasting forever because it was round 2 for him, and I needed to change position. Plus she shows half her butt cheeks, which makes one want to pull them apart and give her a humiliating enema with a fart filled release before plowing deep in her fragrant ass field.That was all Mark, the brides brother, needed to see, and then there were two hands on my breasts. Ralph had two fingers in her shaved pussy and was licking away at her clit.As Ralph started to unzip Sheila's skirt, Jose's hand found its way to my panties - already soaked - and pushed them aside. I started to moan, too, when Jose's fingers pushed up inside me.I was sucking away on him and writhing with my second orgasm when I felt wave after wave of Jose's hot semen jet forth inside me. I don't know how Mark had hung on so long in my mouth, but he only took a second to come round between my legs and I guided his cock into my vagina.