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Dating services and matchmakers aren't much better options.

These can cost you anywhere from a month for membership to an Internet dating site to more than ,000 — on the low end! Yes, these routes offer an instant, and seemingly endless, stock of bodies, but I recommend that you put your Visa card away because these aren't your only options.

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I've heard all sorts of advice on where to find the elusive, nice, dateable singles.

Someone always suggests going to church to find a decent match.

I've also been told to go to coffee houses, but most of the people there are either so strung out on caffeine that they need a shot of vodka to bring them down or they're in AA, so they can't drink.

I've also been prompted to join an activities club, but the ones I've encountered were pretty bogus.

This blog explores the funny side of dating with both stories and practical dating techniques and tactics.

Everything from advice on where to find your dream man or woman to internet dating strategies.

Maybe you've had different experiences, but I've found much better places to look.