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[They now have added other websites to their hit list] Then they got into a war with MT about the translation process and MT hits continued to go up as readers tuned in.

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MT takes the high road and doesn't use the numerous snarky comments made by FAIR contributors on various, Internet message boards.

We only respond to what's on FAIR's official website, not the discussion boards.

These people were not happy that the church kept so much of its disturbing history from them and they thanked us for providing all this information in one, easy-to-find place.

We've received many offers to help improve the site by Internet developers. We couldn't afford any better publicity than you give us for free. Sincerely The Mormon Think Staff IN FAIR's latest attack on MT, they summarize the issues, often citing the weakest of the critics' claims and not the strongest, hoping readers will simply dismiss the whole issue without looking at any details provided by the critics' arguments given on MT.

Do these lists show what Gordon claims, or are they simply obfuscation?

Video FAIR has a lot of resources and money (compared to MT) and they spend a great deal of time chasing us around, looking at various Mormon message boards trying to find posts that they think might have come from any of the many contributors to MT over the years and use any off-handed comment that any one of the MT contributors (even our IT people) may or may not have made in the past in a seemingly desperate attempt to discredit MT.Of course FAIR never quotes from any of the MT contributors when they make positive comments about the church on message boards.Mormon Think was largely obscure until FAIR came along.We respond below, using comments from the critics and others that have contributed to MT, to the summaries FAIR gives in an attempt to dissuade the sincere truthseeker from even looking at MT's website and the pro and con analysis provided on MT by both critics and faithful members supporting both sides of the issues.Another general comment: The most problematic issues are not even mentioned in their summary.Also many active, but questioning members have joined the team. Donations also hit an all-time high so now we can fund more projects to help the site grow. For example, the Lost 116 Pages they cite a quote made on the South Park episode lampooning the Lost 116 Pages.