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From conception to completion, our company offers a one stop shop for product development thanks to our vast experience, expertise and equipment.

Our capabilities include design, development and production.

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In addition to providing specialized opto-electronic engineering services, Telops has also developed the new HD-IR High-Definition Scientific infrared camera; the FAST-IR 2K, the first 2,000-FPS infrared camera; the TS-IR, a versatile high-performance infrared camera; the MS-IR, a multispectral eight-band infrared camera; the HDR-IR High Dynamic Range infrared camera; and the powerful Hyper-Cam, providing information-rich data for a wide variety of applications.

With these systems, Telops's clients are able to detect, identify and quantify remote substances that were previously invisible.

So it comes as welcome news when DMG/Mori Seiki recently announced that they are releasing a tool-path based post-processor, which will become available this year (2013) in September.

The great thing about this post-processor is that it is very simple to use and fully integrated with the Mori Seiki application “Manufacturing Suite.” Being a universal post-processor, available to all Mori Seiki machines, it will also work with any computer assisted manufacturing (CAM) software that generates tool paths in standard Mori-APT format.

When the machining workflow process is slowed down at any one point, it impacts the entire machine shop’s productivity, as well as feed times and ultimately turn-around times given to clients.

For any machine shop, fully leveraging the capacity of all CNC machines, welding machines, or any other machinery and their operators will play a big part in the machine shop’s profitability and performance.

Ateliers BG has a full line of machining tools, a fully equipped facility, and experienced operators.

Our efficient workflow allows us to offer excellent finished products to our clients at the best turn-around times. Contact us today and find out how we can turn your machining project into a success.

In the past, consumers would have to buy their machine tools and CAM post-processing software from different companies.

This leads to a lot of headaches; both in discrepancies in the quality of finished machined parts; as well as a multitude of operational set-backs and limitations.

Assinalou-se novamente, a 29 de outubro, o Dia Mundial da Psoríase.