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(Jasmin Simard/Radio-Canada) Quebec provincial police are investigating allegations of child sexual abuse by two members of a Jehovah's Witnesses congregation in Mont-Laurier in the Laurentians, Radio-Canada's investigative program has learned.

Both men have been sanctioned through the church's internal disciplinary process for dealing with allegations of child abuse, but congregation elders did not share their findings with civil authorities.

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A recent royal commission in Australia found the Jehovah's Witness church there had recorded allegations of child sexual abuse against 1,006 members over a 60-year period.

Not one allegation had been reported to authorities outside the church.

Disillusioned with how the Jehovah's Witnesses had handled her complaint, Herbert took her allegations to police in 1995.

Courtemanche remained a Jehovah's Witness after his acquittal but was expelled in 2014, , the first time police investigated Herbert's allegations against Courtemanche in the mid-1990s, they were not aware Carolle Poudrier's parents had also alleged Courtemanche had assaulted their daughter.

With pressure mounting in the wake of that royal commission and other allegations of sexual abuse of children in its ranks, on Sept.

1, the Watchtower Society issued new instructions regarding allegations of child sexual abuse.

"They should know that investigators are ready to meet with them and witnesses." According to , Leclerc and Courtemanche were friends around the time Herbert's parents lodged an internal complaint with the congregation about the alleged assaults on their daughter.