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Her sparse pussy hair was neatly trimmed and she fingered herself slowly and deliberately.

Veronica smiled knowingly and slowly removed her blouse.

She then removed her skirt and exposed her very expensive underwear.

I pulled out and fisted my cock until it began to spew thick jets of sperm towards her face and tits. I duly obliged and watched her rub my cum into her breasts and all over her pearl necklace.

Ulrika lay with held her mouth wide open and her tits cupped in her hands as I spread long stripes of white jism all over her rippling tits and tanned neckline. Veronica helped her massage my cum all over her breasts, neck and shoulders as Ulrika slumped back on the spacious seat.

I continued to fist my cock as Ulrika's eyes alternated between Veronica's pussy and my cock. Ulrika took it and rubbed it along Veronica's long, deep crack.

Her mouth and cheeks were wet with Veronica's juices. In Karma Sutra terms, Veronica's cunt was definitely "the mare".

"I want you to fuck me like you fuck my lovely little slut daughters. Just fuck my ass 'til I can't walk, you big hunk." Veronica was ecstatic and, in between orgasms, she demanded I fuck her in every way possible.

Ooohhhhhh, how I love to peek inside their rooms when you are servicing them. Ulrika just lay beneath her and came in a series of shuddering orgasms.

Ulrika looked up at me, paused and then moved her face towards Veronica's open pussy lips.

I watched as the two hot and horny women feasted on each other's pussy. "Take my cock in your hand and slide it into her" I demanded.

I stayed inside her and waited for my cock to soften ... "Keep it in until you go soft" pleaded Veronica "and don't you let a drop go to waste when he pulls out" she demanded of Ulrika.