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In general, chronological, I think, helps people who are worried about missing things or seeing more recent things, but if everyone was on chronological all the time, people would miss a lot more important content.Our whole mission is to show people content that we think that they find meaningful.“So we're testing multiple design updates in News Feed, including a more conversational way to comment on posts.” Facebook also said it’s testing this with a “small percentage” of users, so if you hate it, don’t worry — it’s not a guarantee that the format is permanent.

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If you don’t like that, you’ll have to keep reaching for that “Most Recent” button.

For some time now, Facebook Messenger has stood alone from the Facebook app, making it a more powerful messenger service, capable of competing with its brother, Whats App.

The current format is clean and easy on the eyes, though it’s understandable to see why Facebook would want to grab your attention and maximize time spent on the app.

The Facebook Messenger app offers the convenience of a text message without the cost or limitations of SMS.

Facebook Messenger has been found to consume more than its fair share of memory and power.

This is because Facebook has set the app to obsessively check for updates and notifications.

A new feature rolling out Thursday, for instance, lets users select up to 30 friends or Pages to ensure they get those friends’ latest posts at the top of their feed.

For now, though, the company seems confident that a curated feed yields more user engagement than one shown in order.

Facebook’s News Feed is the company’s crown jewel, and it’s very particular about how people interact with it.

The social network has a squad of engineers, data scientists, social researchers and everyday users working to improve the algorithm that shows each of Facebook’s 1.4 billion users a personalized stream of content, ideally ranked from most to least interesting for every person.

A common gripe about the News Feed, though, is that there’s no way to consistently view it in chronological order.