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Be committed and know that you can handle this life if you actually want to be with him.

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While there are some cases when couples can move beyond cheating, in most situations, walking away is your best option.Your gut is telling you to I think deep down we always know if we should be with someone or not, even if we can’t admit that out loud.Listen to your gut, do some soul searching, and you should be able to figure out if you should be with the person you are with.When I met my husband, my gut told me that yes, he was a good guy and worth being with and I listened. I always knew I wanted to be married someday and I met my husband when I was 22 after a couple of boyfriends that were not the right match for one reason or another. I hated feeling like half of my life was where I was living, and the other half was too many miles away.

Whether they are dating them during a deployment or not, their boyfriend is going to be under a lot of stress while serving in the military.During basic training, during a deployment or just during regular military life. They get through the difficult parts and become a stronger couple through everything they have to go through.Some couples make the relationship work and go on to have a life together.I have been the girl who sat down with a pros and cons lists about my current relationship.But as I look back, it was evident that was not a good relationship to be in. Had I listened to my gut earlier on, I would have saved myself some pain.Being a military girlfriend is going to be challenging, for even the most committed of women.