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It was there that I exchanged my view through a telescope for a view through a camera .

Thankfully, I was afforded the opportunity to really explore the crossover between art and science and develop my own voice as an artist.

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The picture from the web camera submits the current air temperature in Kotor. This online webcam submits the beaches of Becici and Rafailovici, the sea and the mountains in Montenegro.

The length of Becici beach is 1950 meters and it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro and the southern Adriatic.

These spaces include Times Square and Dealey Plaza, where a webcam looks down from the vantage point of John F. It wasn’t until I decided that applied mathematics and physics just weren’t for me that I turned to photography. I like technology and gadgets, but I had never done anything serious with photography.

Switching from the School of Science to the School of Art at the University of Arizona was a transformational experience for the better.

Self-bongage line-typing detention with a CD tray as escape method.

Almost 150 different lines to write with configurable duration and timelimit.

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