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You naturally take solace in the idea that the right man wouldn’t disappear, which means he was clearly the wrong guy.

You also know there are plenty more men and the right one for you is still out there.

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This is a simple reality which you understand, so you have an easier time than other women who have met only five guys during the year and get frustrated because they can’t find a good man.3. You're savvy enough to know that one good date does not automatically mean you’re starting a wonderful relationship.

With realistic expectations, you wait and see if he calls again and whether he continually makes time to see you.You are clear that a man needs to prove himself, which can take six to 12 dates before you know for sure he’s worthy (and a good match). Continuing to pursue you, excellent follow up, and alignment between what he says and what he does are all part of your vetting process. You enjoy getting to know men and take the interaction for what it is.Otherwise, you cut your losses to seek better prospects.4. You might see him once, five times, or marry him, but you're capable of enjoying the moment versus projecting into the future.Some women loathe dating and resist it (and complain about it) every step of the way.But some of you embrace the process attitude about finding love.Mastering this ability gives you an amazing advantage, as opposed to other women who don’t enjoy (and even resent) dating.