Mac os x group memberships not updating

Or non-admin should be allowed to install a new printer queue./private/etc/cups/cupsd.conf/ can be edited for granular permissions to functions normally reserved for members of admin & lpadmin groups, for example. It may be possible to automate the installation of these by using the -y switch: ./Contents/Resources/Remote EFIUpdater -y -shutdown NOTE: You may need to combine these fixes with the suggestions outlined in the next section Advanced_Mac_Configuration_Topics#Macs losing AD bind connection or unable to login to a domain account on a Mac.

Global Preferences NSNav Panel Expanded State For Save Mode -string 1 viewlocale=en_US E.g.:defaults write /Library/Preferences/ Network Authorization Use Short Name -bool YES This makes the help window and window accessible to the Dock and command-tab.Verification is GOOD, but sometimes, when you're sure that the image is healthy and your destination drive is healthy, it can be a waste of time.Read ACL defaults write -g PMPrinting Expanded State For Print -bool TRUE defaults write /Library/Preferences/.You can include contact groups in messages, meeting requests, and in other contact groups.

NOTE: This page contains information that is only useful to Helpdesk / LIS faculty and staff.If computer is properly bound (admin can verify by attempting to unlock system preferences), but no domain account can log in, be sure the setting allowing network users to log in is checked in Users system pane (if present).If some accounts can login, but others cannot that have been used before (most commonly due to a username change), may need to delete account, verify the username folder has been removed, and also remove from the Groups/admin and/or Groups/staff list (using "dscl" command with the "-remove" switch). It also skips verification (which Disk Utility forces you to do, thus adding 10-15 minutes to the imaging process).--Hunt, Christopher , 17 November 2009 (UTC) See man networksetup Also: Sleep delayed if print job is in progress or printer isn't available ( Note: This may force disks that haven't mounted to mount.# Script to remove cached accounts in the local DS node # This should work in both Tiger and Leopard # Run this script as root or with sudo #! So we list the records and pipe them through to grep to find the list of records we want.It's also good to check that users who haven't logged into the computer before can login over the network.