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Within a couple of months of touring in the north of the United Kingdom, both of the additional members were out of the band.

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"Maybe doing drugs killed that part of me brain."he quartet had a renewed sense of purpose but hit a speed bump in August 1969 when they learned that another group had been using the name Earth.

As a remedy, Butler suggested Black Sabbath as their new moniker with the notion that if people paid money to feel scared at the movies, then the same must be true of concerts.

Reverends Ralph Abernathy, left, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

walk along a corridor of the city jail in Birmingham, Ala., where they were held for several hours following conviction on charges of parading without a permit, May 8, 1963. (AP Archive Photo) In 1955 all you had to say was Mississippi. After April 4, 1968, one could wipe tears, shake his or her head and say Tennessee.

Black Sabbath formed in 1968 in Birmingham, England, a city Iommi has since called "depressing," after a short-lived jazzy, blues-rock band called Mythology broke up, making the guitarist and Ward free agents. We all used to go on with painted faces and do this stupid psychedelic show.

After answering a music shop's oddly worded ad – "Ozzy Zig Needs Gig" – the guitarist and drummer met two musicians from another local group, Rare Breed: Osbourne and then-guitarist Butler."Rare Breed was just ... We never used to get asked back to anywhere that we played, so I think we were probably really crap.But in 1963, the shorthand for horror and abominable crimes was Alabama. Thus the recording from the John Coltrane Quartet with the one-word title: "Alabama."In the spring of 196e, officials in Birmingham unleashed their police dogs and water hoses on little children who were marching that city's streets for freedom.On September 15, Ku Klux Klansmen dynamited the church that had served as a launching pad for those civil rights campaigns.Both certainly honor the little girls - "unoffending, innocent and beautiful," King called them - who entered the church for Sunday School and were brought out as "martyred heroines of a holy crusade for freedom and human dignity."Jarvis De Berry can be reached at [email protected] ne of the greatest things I have in my heart is that Black Sabbath were not a band created by some business mogul in London, like a fucking ditz," the pioneering heavy-metal group's excitable frontman Ozzy Osbourne tells emphatically."We just got to talking one day about forming a band and that's how it started," he says.riginally, the group called itself the Polka Tulk Blues Band, named after the cheap brand of talcum powder Ozzy's mother used.