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If you're considering coming out as bi or someone recently came out to you, these are some of the common questions people ask . Hello and welcome to the Relationship-Buddy chat rooms!

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“Sex addiction feels extremely personal when you’re the partner because it affects the most intimate part of your relationship in a way that, say, alcohol or drugs just don’t,” she explains.“I could have dealt with a gambling addiction or alcoholism – anything but this,” Rachel confirms.My life fell apart.” Sex addiction hurts partners in a way that no other addiction can, says Paula Hall, who has written a book on the overdue, Hall believes, with thousands of partners across the UK struggling with something that evokes all the most destructive ingredients of personal pain – betrayal, infidelity, deceit and shame.I knew at that point that I was into men, but did I like them — both.) In each and every instance when I've come out, I've gotten different reactions.

My mom sent me a looooong text about it before we sat down and really talked.

It’s the fact that they’ve lived with someone so long and had no idea.

“These guys, and it is mostly guys, are on the whole loving husbands, yet they did this right under your nose, leaving you unable to trust your partner, or even your own judgements,” she explains.

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The NHS has a website page dedicated to sex addiction.