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Israelis are open to innovation in all aspects of life, and alternative healing methods are no exception. JUDAISM AND MACROBIOTICSTo understand macrobiotic practice in Israel it is necessary to examine the role of Judaism in Israeli life.The secular and modern-orthodox populations together comprise the majority of the population, while the ultra-orthodox religious groups are vocal and visible out of proportion to their size.As a rule, Jewish Israelis place great value both on intellectual acumen and culinary pursuits, and enjoy a standard of living high enough to combine the two.

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Israeli interpretation and implementation of macrobiotics reflect that country's national character, as one would expect.

The 5.3 million Jews, 81% of the 6.5 million people living in Israel, are the focus of this study.

We would like to give special thanks to the wonderful people throughout Israel who have made macrobiotics their own.

If we inadvertently misinterpreted information you gave us about yourselves or our community, please contact us.

Chicken and egg consumption is rampant, as are dairy products and spices. Coffee originated in Copeh, Ethiopia, and was brought to Israel in the 1500s by the Turks.

Since then, Israelis have not stopped drinking it, accompanied by cigarettes and baked flour products.

Open-air street markets continue to be vibrant centers for daily food purchases where vendors display colorful wares amid jostling crowds.

Carrot juice is popularly available at sidewalk kiosks, as are roasted and salted nuts and seeds.

This unified field differentiates into seven continuously transforming worlds in an inward-moving spiral of manifestation.

Although the order of creation is somewhat different in macrobiotic cosmology than in Judaism, the elements are the same.

Harvest of indigenous wheat and barley has brought prosperity and failure in its wake.