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who used to take media beatings when he had the job.

Little Rock police believe Robert Mangan, 39, killed his two children before committing suicide in his home in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Mangan was arrested on August 5 for domestic battery in the third degree (pictured)A man killed his two young children before killing himself in a double-murder-suicide in his home in Arkansas, police said.

All three bodies were taken to the medical examiner's office for autopsies to determine causes of death, a police statement said.

Officer Steve Moore said the children's mother found the bodies.

Lindsay told officers that she came home to find Mangan in a bed with their two children and all three were dead Police spokesman Steve Mc Clanahan told The Associated Press Monday that even with police working additional hours, situations like the apparent murder-suicide won't be prevented.'You could have a thousand extra police, and you'll still have this,' Mc Clanahan said.

Little Rock is on pace to approach an annual total of homicides not seen since the city's gang wars of the early 1990s.

A drawing of Swift on the witness stand captures her likeness quite well compared to some of the other drawings from the trial.

The right photograph was taken at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Two years ago, sketches of Tom Brady in court for 'Deflategate' made the handsome athlete look monstrous.

He was arrested another time in September 2016 for a violation of protection order.

Police are investigating the incident as a double homicide and suicide and the investigation is ongoing.

The artist responsible for less-than-flattering Denver courtroom sketches of Taylor Swift from her recent Denver lawsuit faced widespread ridicule, but it seems he is most definitely not alone in being mocked.