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They speak Russian (used by schools and governments in most former Soviet republics).

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It declares that they are fleeing a well-founded fear of persecution.

The 2005 American Community Survey estimated 43,000 Russians and Ukrainians reside in the Portland area, based on first ancestry reported.

Many churches in the Slavic community forbid dancing or drinking, but such rules are contributing to a clash as Americanizing Slavic teens increasingly rebel against their parents and churches.

Kirichenko and Ektova, both originally from Lipetsk, Russia, said they have good relationships with their parents despite no longer attending church.

An estimate by area churches and the Slavic Coalition puts the current number at 100,000.

Most in Oregon are evangelical Christians, unlike the majority in the former Soviet Union.Mariya calls her children's schools almost daily, or comes to school crying.Her three teenage sons smoke and drink, even in front of Mariya and her husband.But in Oregon, old-world survival skills can fracture families.As parents cut themselves off from the mainstream, communication with their English-speaking, American-raised teens breaks down, say community leaders, schools and police liaisons.With Brewe Layman on your side, you can be confident that your attorney team has a depth of experience and can handle any complication or nuance that your situation may present, whether in the area of family law, business law, mediation, personal injury, appeals, or estate planning.