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In a post appearing on Tumblr, he shared that when he was 12 years old; he got into a bit of trouble and did some things he wasn’t proud of.

His grandfather apparently helped turn him onto physical fitness to help young Nicky find productive ways of coping with all that he was going through at that young age in his life.

Men who have Mediterranean backgrounds usually have oily skin.

While this can often be a negative in terms of acne, it can be a net positive on the anti-wrinkle front.

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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler have been married since 2013.People want to know basic facts about the man – including his age, height, workout routine and approach to grooming.Given his rising popularity, I thought it might be kind of cool to do an analysis of Nick Zano to uncover the answers to these questions.Just to give you an idea of how real this guy is – his grandmother was a bartender – meaning he came from he came from working person stock, just like me and perhaps just like you.Based on other research, it also appears Nick (aka Nicky” has used the gym from very early in his life to channel his energy in a positive way.Scott Eastwood and Christopher “Captain Kirk” Pine.