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This sudden withdrawal of the existing educational support had resulted in a crisis for these students.As an activist of the sex worker’s organization in Kozhikode asked me, ‘so now they want my daughter also to be a sex worker?It was a vacant area encroached upon by the marginalized people for the last fifty years or so.

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The rights of people who do not fall within the boundaries of Elite citizen ship (which is the only citizen ship in theory and practice), and the existential struggles brewing in the thickly populated ‘boundaries’ to claim exactly that citizen ship have to stimulate the political imagination of current intellectual enterprises.This calls for a radical rethinking of all the founding concepts of democracy.A [Green Youth] mailing list forward from a friend. It illustrates a key point that was brought up in the Kerala Feminists listserv recently, on the interconnectiveness of sexuality rights and other forms of oppressions.***** Ousting the Sex Workers: An Invisible land Issue in Kerala Even among the claims for land and struggles for land rights by the marginalized there are situations which never go on record as claims and struggles.But now when they are driven away from that place they are also losing the security that a house can provide and along with it, their political rights to join a party, to vote and to have access to other social security measures.

We can also see that the situation is further compounded on other axes of power as well.

Some brought the land by paying money to the then occupied and later got title deeds, while some others occupied vacant areas.

In the beginning it was a deserted place with only thorny bushes and no water facilities. Some of the sex workers who worked with the political party committees in that area bargained with them and got water and other facilities.

As they have brought up the accusations of sex workers being drug carriers the public sympathy is also with them.

But sex workers whom I talked to are against the drug trafficking as it effects the health of their own children and more over they accused that members of Janakeeya Samithi to be in league with the drug mafia of that area.

Presently sex workers of Kozhikode who are marginalized among marginalized are engaged in one such invisible agitation.