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So much chicer than the habitual canvas tote n'est-ce pas and we reckon the super-reduced Sophie Hulme on the carousel is just the ticket.Economy cabins contain seats with a pitch of 33 inches.During a Facebook Live chat with , Kenya revealed that she always keeps a roller set on standby—but she avoids overheating her locks.

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"A lot of companies market flat irons and curling irons at 450 degree heat. The former pageant star has dealt with cystic acne, so she likes to keep her skin as clean as possible when she's not on camera.

"If I wasn't here, I wouldn't even be wearing makeup," she said.

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While Flavio is on vacation in Kenya with his stunning wife, Naomi is in the midst of a charity trip working with children in Africa in a bid to further the work of her close friend and late world leader, Nelson Mandela.

The mini handbag trend shows no sign of abating any time soon and designer labels from Louis Vuitton to Dior have all embraced the mini trend.Trust Naomi Campbell though to go and trump them all with her miniature Birkin retailing at upwards of £2500.If Fashion Finder owned a Birkin we would be unlikely to take it to the beach - that sand and salty air surely can't be much good for the leather but hey, that's just the way you roll when you're a multi million earning super model dating a Russian billionaire. However, the concept of mini bag as beach bag, we definitely buy in to that one!“I have a busy life and don't have time to frequent bars and clubs anymore.Not only does Date ME Kenya allow me to meet lots of people but it fits into my life perfectly.The in-flight menu includes a choice of two main courses, entrees, canapés, salads, desserts and cheeses.