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The New York City Mayor and City Council recently endorsed a plan to close Rikers.

Join us to explore what Rikers means for the more than 7,500 people detained at Rikers Island on any given day.

They’ll talk about the urgency of closing Rikers and the many changes required to ensure the jail and the systemic cruelty it represents truly end. All skin conditions, including eczema, rashes, pimples, psoriasis, scleroderma, etc., jaundice, sluggish lymphatic congestion, hepatitis A, B, & C, sclerosis of the liver, cystitis, nephritis, obstructions of the liver, pancreas, spleen & kidneys, female and male hormonal conditions, gangrene, blood conditions (toxicity, cancers, etc.), anemia, low red blood cell count, low hemoglobin, cancer, HIV/AIDS, syphilis, leprosy, gout, catarrh, hemorrhoids, poor digestion, improves absorption, chronic fatigue, liver and gall stones, acid reflux, leucorrhea, etc.The Dates and locations are as follows: Reno Youth Bridge, a 501(c)(3) non profit Nevada Corporation, is funded by the generous contributions from individuals, families and charitable foundations here in the Reno Community.None of the RYB Directors or Officers receive compensation for their services.Man's diet should be predominantly fruits and vegetables, instead of dead animals, their milks, and dormant foods (grains & beans).

Because of the type of foods and chemicals man has been (and is) consuming, humans have created a state of toxicity, genetic weakness, decay and degeneration of cells never before seen in any species.Shipping Weight: We take great pride in our products and packaging and do our best to ensure they arrive undamaged.Our liquid and capsule formulas are sold in amber glass bottles to protect the herbs inside from light, glass bottles add to the shipping weight of the item but also ensures you receive the best possible product.No matter what your age, health is one of your greatest assets while you're living your journey on this planet.For generations, man has been ignorant of his/her body's proper nutritional needs.WCSD Certified teachers at each of the participating schools do receive a stipend for their volunteer efforts to teach the game of Bridge to WCSD Middle School Students.