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I think Canon is cute, and it's unfortunate that Bou (who I didn't like, but...) left. WARNING: DIS POST CONTAINS A LOT OF PICTURES Yuna/kanon.jpg all for now..free 2 add pictures... He parted for "personal reasons" But Bou wanted An Cafe to keep going, so the remaining members of the band decided to recruit new members. their songs are great, and the PVs are cute and funny. i'm disappointed that bou left, and even MORE disappointed that it was like three months ago, too!!!

x_X I haven't heard too much from these guys, but I don't really care for them. )u can post here anything u lyk abt him...i know they're a lot of ppol hu lyk him...i lyk him cause:i lyk strangeboys...silent types..really a talkative personbut stillnot boring..he doesn't have a girlfriend already... Well the poor Takuya sure has a lot of pressure beside him ...

Ever since Satyajit Ray's Pather Panchali (1955) was awarded Best Human Document at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival, Bengali films frequently appeared in international fora and film festivals for the next several decades.Ira Sachs' Forty Shades of Blue (2005) was a loose remake of Charulata, and in Gregory Navas My Family (1995), the final scene is duplicated from the final scene of The World of Apu. he's really cute x3 I loved Bou a lot but I didn't like him as Miku n.n I also have a lot of songs I like ...) refers to the Indian Bengali language film industry based in the Tollygunge region of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. he said he had a goal in mind but because of the bands activities he couldn't do it ... it's ok n____n What I heard was that Bou wanted to grow more as a musician but he felt inadequate in the band so he quit and I guess he's going to join another band in the near future. If you are the original topicstarter and you find this topic's ownership to be given to another member, then that is because your topicstart was so bad that the credit of this topic has been removed from you. :nuts no I don´t like him at all :closedeyes: ....anybody seen him without sunglasses? :nuts no I don´t like him at all :closedeyes: ....anybody seen him without sunglasses? kakusei heroism and Ryuusei Rocket are the new PVs of the 'new' ancafe. But, I was subscribed to the Shojo Beat Magazine and saw and read about their band, of course it was the new band since Bou or whoever he is left the group. So strong and different (better) than previous voice sound...check out Kakusei Heroism plug in for anime Darker Than Black...

others say it's because he didn't like fame that much ... It's supposed Bou wrote a letter for the fans and the other band members explaining why he took this desition ... Give some extra background information, and then state his/her opinion before asking for others. i've been playing piano for ages and that dude is just pure talent [and evil if you see him in the ryuusei rocket pv] His sunglasses are kinda like Reita's [GAZETTE] noseband, it makes him who he is.picture spamm I never did find visual kei guys along with their music are attractive.

hehe actually i'm jealous that he's soooo pretty :] my favorite song by them is escapism & snow scene hehe right now, i'm looking for a white electric guitar but i can't find any cool ones Bou - Hey! I don't know if one of this can be actually the truth ... ..Takuya looks fine, I think I´ll get used to him, but that Yuuki? ..Takuya looks fine, I think I´ll get used to him, but that Yuuki? I mean, the song sounded strong with the words and instruments but I really liked the lyrics and the rythm to it. I know the title doesn't but the last line of the lyrics just does. )My sister and me are in the process of making a video of Naruto with the song Kakusei Heroism Hero Without A Name...

only rumours about Bou's reasons came to me ...u.u Ones say that his father's sick and he didn't like his son being in the band ... so he left the band to pursue it and not lie to himself... If the topic hasn't been captured yet, then you still have time to do some works on your topicstart. )..just by looking at them, Kanon, Miku, Teruki are still cooool as always, but what´s with that other guys?? )..just by looking at them, Kanon, Miku, Teruki are still cooool as always, but what´s with that other guys?? I decided to take a peak at their song Kakusei Heroism and simply fell in love with it. I thought Kakusei Heroism (aka Hero without Name) sounded good so I went back on their previous music and it was kinda creepy (Miku's voice) and wasn't to my likes. I think it really suite the anime (never seen the anime but intro and mvs w/ kakusei). Especially, whoever watches Naruto in here and knows about the song Kakusei Heroism, don't you think the song fit with Naruto? I think they're a talented band..it seems like there's only 1 vocalist in the group, that'll explain why in the few of the songs I've heard of theirs, they're all sang by the same singer.

Similar references to Ray films are found in recent works such as Sacred Evil (2006), Another prominent Bengali filmmaker is Mrinal Sen, whose films have been well known for their Marxist views.

During his career, Mrinal Sen's films have received awards from major film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Moscow, Karlovy Vary, Montreal, Chicago, and Cairo.

Retrospectives of his films have been shown in major cities of the world.