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In May of 2012 a sensational discovery by Archaeologists of Jena University revealed Hebrew inscriptions on stone which point to the Jewish people residing in Portugal as early as 390 C. However, some Biblical Archaeologists believe that Tartessian texts found in Southern Portugal in 1922 suggests a Jewish presence dating to the time of King Solomon.

The proposal called Hebron an “Islamic” city, leading the Israeli ambassador to Unesco, Carmel Shama-Hacohen, to storm out of the session, denouncing the choice of language for downplaying the importance of Hebron’s Tomb of the Patriarchs to the Jewish faith.

The site – known as the Ibrahimi Mosque by Muslims – is revered in both religions.

It is not possible to do this tour route with a vehicle.

You can add a private luxury vehicle for commuting to and from the historic center.

“Only in places where Israel exists, like in Hebron, is freedom of worship guaranteed for all,” he said.

“Everywhere else in the Middle East, mosques, churches and synagogues are being destroyed...

we’ll continue to safeguard the Cave of the Patriarchs, freedom of religion and truth,” the prime minister added.

“To disassociate Israel from the burial grounds of the patriarchs and matriarchs of our nation is an ugly display of discrimination, and an act of aggression against the Jewish people,” Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Danny Damon, said.

Stand at the deportation point during WWII where thousands of Jewish refugees escaped Nazi persecution, among them famous names like Marc Chagall, Max Ernst and many others who contributed to the arts, sciences and politics of the world stage.

Learn about Portugal’s own Oskar Schindler, a righteous gentile who is responsible for the single largest rescue mission of WWII, deifying state orders to save thousands feeling the horrors of the 3rd Reich.

The city is regarded as the second most important site in Judaism, and one of Islam’s four holy cities.