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Yesterday police said there was not thought to be any connection between Detective Constable Kolar’s job and the deaths of his parents but it remained a ‘line of inquiry’.

They are also examining possible links to a string of break-ins by thieves targeting Asian families for gold.

Emphasis would be on community participation long-term monitoring, training and capacity building programmes for the conservation management of the species and their habitats.

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The present project would enable in achieving a better understanding of the current status of the endemic leaf-nosed bats in Kolar district, their distribution, population status and other threats impacting the species and their habitats.We plan to survey other similar habitats in Kolar district to detect the presence of other roosts through active roost checks and acoustic surveys.The sculpture suffered from structural damage caused by external factors and ingrained surface dirt.The ethical implications raised in conserving a contemporary artwork were an important aspect and subsequently an understanding of the materials and structure, the artist’s intentions, concept and meaning of the artwork formed a large part of the research.Les interrogations déontologiques soulevées lors de la restauration d’une œuvre d’art contemporain ont représenté un aspect important de l’étude.

Par conséquent, la majeure partie des recherches a été dévolue à la compréhension du matériau et de la structure, celle des intentions de l’artiste,tout comme du concept et de la signification de l’œuvre.

‘I just don’t know where to start.’ Mrs Kirwan said the couple’s grandchildren had ‘adored them’.

She revealed the family met every Friday night at her parents’ house for a meal.

Mr Kolar described the impact of the murder on his family.

‘The hardest thing anyone could ever do is to tell their children that they will never see Nanny and Grandad again,’ he said.

The Kolars were not believed to have owned or kept significant quantities of jewellery, but police said attackers may have targeted them in the mistaken belief that they did.