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As a little girl, Melanie Hogan (Lacey Chabert) wished to find her own prince charming just like her parents found true love.Now an adult, Melanie is running her own bakery and dating a ...According to the latest issue of People Magazine the singer decided that she didn’t need to be teeny tiny, but that an overhaul was in order.

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I love Jenni Garth she has grown into such a wonderful actress and you can tell that she liked making this movie.

Her mother is such a great actress They could not have put together a better cast I do not think that other actors could have done such a wonderful job brining this family together.

It’s a story that has hit home with all of us so the very least we can do is honor the everyday normal people that have been deeply affected by this terrorist act. Tell us your thoughts on these stories in the comments below!

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Trisha admits to being one of those people who has tried everything to lose the weight in the past.

” People is also taking an in-depth look at the Boston Marathon bombing.See full summary » When a doctor doesn't get the position she wanted, she ends up moving to a remote Alaskan town.She unexpectedly ends up finding love, happiness and discovers that the small town is hiding a big holiday secret.I guess Christina Aguilera isn’t the only singer to check herself out in a mirror and realize that it was time for a change!Long time country starlet, Trisha Yearwood decided that those extra pounds were starting to really weight her down and so she has managed to drop 30 pounds in only 3 months.Interested in geekery, retellings, innovative storytelling, and authentic voices.