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‘And it can be, if you want that.’ She reports some punters have had to delay their departure from the camp ‘because they’d had so many orgasms they didn’t feel fit to drive’. ‘But it’s really about connection and intimacy and how important it is to have that on a daily basis in your life,’ she says.Two thirds of the 180 campers are here in couples, and the age range is mainly mid-thirties to mid-forties, with some twenty-somethings and even a couple in their seventies.

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Without Dutch courage as an option, I decide to ease myself in gently with Friday night’s Cuddle Party.

It’s intended as a non-sexual experience, focusing on touch, intimacy and connection, and we begin by setting boundaries, asking for what we want and giving and refusing consent.

However, if all yoga focused on heightening awareness of sensation and getting handsome strangers to stroke my neck, tug my hair and give me a spanking, I’d probably get out of bed for it more often.

After breakfast, I head off to the Art of Japanese Bondage, where my bunk-mate Dayna and I practice tying knots on each other’s limbs.

In the Japanese military camp conducted examination and rehabilitating female offenders.

Girls with unsightly face - screwed and discharged just now.I consider myself pretty open- minded when it comes to sex; I’m not wildly unconventional, but I do have a long-term lover (though I loathe the term, preferring to call him my four-year stand), and I’ve never shied away from new sexual experiences.But, driving solo from the airport to the camp on a humid Friday afternoon, concerns begin to creep in. Will I spend the whole weekend awkwardly watching exhibitionists and sexual athletes going at it hammer and tongs?However, it’s diffused with a healthy dollop of Australian cheek; whether in a workshop or a whole-camp gathering in the main tent, there’s a constant torrent of double entendres – the mood is more .And if Sex Camp were held in California, I predict it would be a very different, infinitely more earnest experience. At the welcome meeting, we are firmly told there’s no excuse not to practice safe sex on site: there’s a tent with baskets of free condoms, latex gloves and dental dams (to protect against transmission of STDs during oral sex). ‘Drugs and alcohol take you out of your body, and for many of the workshops you really need to be in your body, focusing on breathing and being truly present,’ says Balmforth.‘I am about to turn 50, and I wanted to test my own boundaries.’ One of which was coming here solo.