Is there documented proof validating astrology

The only choices seem to be access to some though, intelligence, being, or memory that most people cannot access in the way that Cayce did.This intelligence appears to be very well-developed, and some people might assume even of a higher order than most humans, and this appears to further give credence to the validity of astrology.Another Puzzle: Edgar Cayce, Sri Yukteswar and Others Endorse Astrology Edgar Cayce's method of providing psychic or channeled information is unusual: he was asleep, did not know what he was saying, and was often very surprised by what he had said when he woke and was told what he had said in his sleep.

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This discovery seems to validate the claims of popular astrology.

It is normal to have varying moods from anger or jealousy to compassion, joy, and love.

When positive feelings reach great intensity, one can become religiously motivated, as one ponders the possibility that great saints may have experienced similar feelings constantly and perhaps of even greater intensity.

Does the pursuit of spiritual and religious vision, awareness, and feelings also bestow information on specific concrete facts?

Could one pass the algebra exam or chemistry exam by developing greater spiritual awareness?

As stated above, depth and presence of mind facilitate enhance one's ability to succeed and one cannot discount the possibility of assistance, such as, for example, Ramanugan may have received.

In fact, some persons claiming to have achieved states of enlightenment express very clearly their deep appreciation of the arts and their respect for science.

Once in the 1970's I was asked by a guru whether a temple should be built in a particular place.

This guru placed greater faith in my ability as an astrologer to ascertain these facts than I did.

Even if one takes the skeptical position that Sri Yukteswar may very well have been a kindly and benevolent man but was by no means enlightened, one must still account for the information from Edgar Cayce.