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Father Time, aka Bill Graham with silver wig jammed over bushy black eyebrows, made his grand entrance from the back of the hall at midnight, barely skimming the heads of revellers on his way to the stage and perched on a different vehicle each year.About Gene Anthony Thousands of people flocked to the corner of Haight and Ashbury during the Summer of Love, but few saw the unfolding phenomenon as clearly as Gene Anthony did.

They often shared the same bill."Kantner is survived by his two sons, Gareth and Alexander, and daughter China, whose mother is Jefferson Airplane/Starship singer Grace Slick.

July 5: Bill Graham opened the Fillmore West, the world’s “first rock ballroom,” in San Francisco on this date in 1968….

Three of the band’s five members were Jews: Spencer Dryden, drummer; Jorma Kaukonen, guitarist; and Balin.

July 9: Bill Haley and the Comets’ “Rock Around the Clock” becomes the first rock and roll song to reach #1 on the . Freedman and James Myers (credited as “Jimmy De Knight”), Jewish Tin Pan Alley songwriters.

[UPDATE: Signe died the same day as Paul.] Many of the San Francisco bands were doing "Let's Get Together," which had first been released in 1964 by the Kingston Trio, then by the We Five in 1965 and then by the Airplane in 1966.

The following year, The Youngbloods had a big hit with it.

After suffering a cerebral hemorrhage in 1980, Kantner told he kept to just the occasional swig of cognac and marijuana. "The music community has lost a true icon, and we share our deepest condolences with Paul’s family and friends, and with those who had the privilege of collaborating with him.""Our condolences go out to the friends, family and fans of Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane on the news of his passing," read a message on The Doors' Facebook page.

"Music would not be the same without the sounds of The Doors and Jefferson Airplane, which both contributed so heavily to the signature sound of the '60s and '70s.

The band gave an early-morning performance at Woodstock on Aug. "Nobody went to Woodstock to make a statement," Kantner told USA TODAY in 2009, when the group's spinoff band, Jefferson Starship, played the 40th anniversary concert.

"We just all accidentally showed up."When Jefferson Airplane reunited in 1989 for a self-titled album and tour, he joked to USA TODAY, "It's like comparing the Wright Brothers to a 747.

The counterculture psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane was formed in 1965 in the Bay Area, and is said to have first defined what became known as the "San Francisco sound."Early hits include.