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Even so, he allowed Schruers to finish the tome on his own, drawing on approximately 100 hours of interviews he already granted him.

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Despite that, his producer insisted on hiring Elton's band to back him.Rather than do that, Billy fired the producer and tried to hire in his place the Beatles' guy George Martin.When Martin also insisted Joel fire his band, he balked.Joel says losing a chance to work with Martin "still hurts." — The famed 1975 Daily News headline “Ford to City: Drop Dead” inspired Billy’s song “Miami 2017” which envisions a post-apocalyptic New York."You should have million in cash." — Joel dropped acid “all of three times” and used heroin just once on a plane from Amsterdam to Stockholm. “The truth is, I don’t know much about sobriety, I know a hell of a lot about drinking,” he told Schruers.

Billy says “the feeling of incredible pleasure” heroin gave him scared the hell out of him. — The spats between Billy and Elton escalated when Joel was sick and had to cancel a show in Manchester. "I don't give a f--k," he said, blaming Joel's drinking.— Joel earned so much money, despite the rip-offs, that, in 2010, Forbes reported his net worth at 0 million. — When Jerry Seinfield wanted to buy Billy’s house in the Hamptons, he asked “How much?” Billy answered “out of thin air: thirty two point five million.” Jerry said “okay.” And so the deal was done.Brinkley bowed out and he spent the night with Macpherson. — In 1988, then Columbia Records chief Walter Yetnikoff told a money-strapped Billy that something must be wrong with his finances.But, Billy thought, “I couldn’t help thinking that Frank Sinatra would have made a threesome out of that night.” — Billy hated his 1986 album "The Bridge" and only put it out due to record company pressure. — Billy so despised the recording of his Russian concert "Koheup," he called it "Kaput." — Jann Wenner, co-founder and publisher of Rolling Stone magazine, told Billy to name his song “We Didn’t Start The Fire” and encouraged him to put it out. "Do you know how many records you've sold," he asked.Every time he goes to rehab, it's rehab light." Billy shot back a note to Elton saying "what gives you the omnipotent moral certainty and authority to justify the public humiliation of anyone?