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There’s a micro SD slot rather than internal memory, and the battery life is only around an hour, although there are interchangeable batteries which is great for when you’re on the go.It isn’t the most intuitive to use, with only one button performing a lot of different functions, so it can take some time to get to grips with.Each of them were tested in open landscapes as well within the urban environment of London.

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The ever-growing world of virtual reality offers an ideal way to relive the memories you’ve captured, while social media sites like Facebook and You Tube have 360 functionality (that said, other apps, such as Instagram, don’t support 360 images themselves, although some third party apps can help with that).

We tested the following cameras taking into account a number of criteria: how practical and simple they are to use, whether they require further apps or software to use, what features they boast (such as 4K video), how long the battery life is, and overall value for money.

With an updated oblong shape, it’s comfortable to hold and somewhat negates the need for a monopod.

It’s also got a huge capacity, with a micro SD slot allowing for up to 256GB, and battery life should last you for around two hours – so make sure you head out knowing what you want to shoot.

It shoots video in 4K HD at 24fps, and we found it delivered some of the very best footage on our test.

However, its still images, shot with a dual-lens, had visible stitching marks.

If you want your photography and videos to become even more immersive, then 360-degree cameras are for you.

Whether you’re trying to capture a cityscape from a high viewpoint, recreate the experience of an amazing gig with footage that captures both the crowd and the band, or cover all angles while filming some extreme sport, this emerging market has you covered.

Although it can’t compete with the 4K alternatives, it’s an enjoyable, budget-friendly camera which is great for first-timers.

Buy now This single-lens camera would be a wise purchase if you’re looking to capture the great outdoors with your camera.

The latter can achieve full 360-degree coverage, although with some cheaper models you can tell that the images have been stitched together.