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This is different to let’s say a criminal trial, whereas ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ has to be established.

a dedicated website to aid employees who are being subjected to either bullying in the workplace, bullying at work, harassment in the workplace, workplace harassment or bullying and harassment.A letter of grievance is also available for those employee’s who are considering writing a letter of grievance to their employer to enter the grievance procedure.Reasonable steps the employer could take is to provide regular training to promote, champion and embed its Bullying & Harassment Policy; Dignity at Work Policy and Equalities Policies and Procedures into the workforce at large.If you can prove that the employer has been negligent in not communicating its policies and procedures through regular training (bi-annually), then you will have your employer on the backfoot.What is Bullying and how is it different to Harassment?

Harassment is ‘related to’ a protected ground, which you have such as your race, disability, sex, sexual orientation, religion etc,.Section 26 of the Equality Act 2010 is the section which covers unlawful harassment ‘related to’ a ‘protected characteristic‘.Bullying is not ‘related to’ a protected characteristic.This is the most important thing you can do, as injury to feelings on the ‘Vento Scale’ can payout (in exceptional cases) over £42,000.As of September 2017 – the Vento Scale has been increased as follows – How to stop workplace bullying and harassment?Moreover, those persons who the line manager had engaged to also ‘mob’ my wife (google workplace mobbing) were also held to account pursuant to s.111 of the Equality Act 2010.