Includetext not updating

It only gave a problem if I opened a file from another folder and then tried to update the INCLUDETEXT field.

The associated document (C: Temp Source.doc) contains formatted text for inclusion. There's only MERGEFORMAT and CHARFORMAT; if you don't specify a format, MERGEFORMAT is the default if you travel the "Insert Field, Links and references, Include Text" route, but is omitted if you travel the "Insert File, Link" route.

For ease of installation you can place both documents in your C: Temp folder. Word97SR2 will occasionally toss in a MERGEFORMAT for free (observations 9 and 11 below), just to keep the CHARFORMAT company. You'd think that means only two options, but see Observations 11 and 12 below. Use one of MERGEFORMAT and CHARFORMAT; if one doesn't work, use the other one.

This sure seems like poor design, as it means that if you open a file from either Windows Explorer or the Word MRU list, you can get an error message.

Makes it difficult to distribute target & source documents that have INCLUDETEXT fields.

MERGEFORMAT and CHARFORMAT with Some things I learned while playing with in Word97SR2 (WINWORD EXE 5,337,088 06-01-98 A WINWORD. My comments may contain errors, use at your own risk but please notify me of any errors or supply me with re-phrasing; I'll respond to your riposte and re-post corrections promptly.

What is written here may well apply to any merged text; I happened to be using the field, so I wrote about what I saw.I also mentioned that if the source & target document were in the same folder, that you could use: Several people have said that using a relative path like that would give an error message. I wonder if someone who has access to other versions of Word could verify my observations.Open not pointing to Stuart Temp Right click the included text and update works fine Open another file in another folder from the File Open menu Right click the included text in and update now gives "Error not a valid filename" Stuart R Thanks, Stuart.If I then choose File Cancel and try to update fields again I get the error. Then you'd need to convert the path backslashes to double backslashes - because that's how they have to be input in the field.The reference to [post# 249730] was simply meant to point out that an Update Fields macro could be used to intercept F9, I knew the code to fix this wasn't there, but I didn't think it would be hard to add. The problem I see is that if I were to create, say, a manual where File 1 contained Includetext & Includepicture fields referencing Files 2 & 3, all in the same folder. Finally, extract the source file's name (from the previous includefield statement?In my case, I do that so I can maintain the same directory tree structure on my PC, edit the HTML source, and plunk the files back on the Ubix system hosting the URL, with no change in the link code. I haven't seen anything in the MS Knowledge Base or any of the newsgroups either.