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Take your time to work through your feelings but try not to be pass agg while you do it. But don’t presume that money is the only thing that it’s about.There are many other reasons we choose sex work such as independence, the control and autonomy we have over our work.

All perfectly normal human feelings and common characteristics, in varying degrees, of most loving relationships.These feelings can be overwhelming or complex or inevitable or over ruling.At times they may feel all consuming, we lose perspective and the issues can become magnified and out of proportion.Wait for the intensity to pass and when you’re feeling calm try to pinpoint what it is about your partner’s work that triggers these emotions.Or you’re concerned they might fuck your boss or someone you know.

Who knows exactly what it is that pushes your buttons, it’s possible you don’t even know.Maybe you hate it when they change plans with you so they can go to work.Maybe you hate it when they answer their work phone in front of you and you hear them negotiating with their clients. Maybe it’s that you want them to save something intimate just for you.And if you do ultimately decide to talk about your feelings with your partner it will help to be clear about your emotions and your needs, to have considered their point of view and be prepared to offer appropriate solutions.If you’re going to open this can of worms you want to be sure about your feelings and what you want.They sometimes undermine our own logic or long held values and they usually cause confusion and pain.