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(or is it just me) :( Perhaps it's the script or story plot. Yes, that drama had a bad ending but i must say, it was a very great drama. TOL may not be the best drama out there (I admit it's kinda slow sometimes) but the leads make up for it. And if only for him, I'll watch till the end (become his fan after his amazing performance in 'Duel') @Guiltypleasure I'm still annoyed with the fact that a great drama like "Seven Day Queen" suffered bad ratings domestically. Now that she officially confessed , they should date normally so their chemistry won't fade away since this is 40 episodes drama. I really like this story, they work hard each other and encourage to get the best .. How come he looks soooo handsome and charming in this drama. Why most people who left comments here barely feel the drama contents?? The reason we‘re commenting here is because we're more vocal than others.For me, i love dramas which give me enough emotions. Ratings don't always reflect the quality of a drama fyi. I really want they maintain strong chemistry till the end . Kim jae wook.....character I like the most in whole drama. His loved one love someone else how much he was hurting the feeling of heart stabbing... I like acting actors in this story, acting very real..i love this story and i am very like Seo hyun jin and yang se jong..... Anyway, even though Kim Jae Wook is not a leading man in his drama but he is already the main lead in the big screen. Is it just me who think he becomes more handsome and charming now?? You know it's really annoying to read some people who just support their bias and hating other. The drama definetly a drama that have slow motion line and yes I admitted it the first time I watched it. However, you can see non-genuine opinions with a hidden agenda when the commenter is targeting at a certain actor/actress by saying freaking annoying stuff with contradictory statements such as never watch her dramas before and yet find her annoying?It is more than enough to suffer him coz of his parent. Should i or shoudnt i..hoping the annoyance some watchers felt is not the same annoyance i felt when i watched manhole (nvr finish it cuz its annoying af) In this drama it seems like LOVE RUINED EVERYTHING and it's hurtful. The scriptwriter probably is too close to the character - writers don’t always do good jobs depicting writers - but by now I would have expected some character development. I will never meet someone like JS in real life tho.

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Ha Myung Hee (the writer) is well known to write strong premises (ever watched High Society, Doctors?) but all her dramas tend to falter in the second half. Even if he turn into negative character I will support him . There are many scenes where Hyun Jin is pouring her soul into acting, but Se Jong just doesn't show the same enthusiasm or skill. Just hope his character will survive and get stronger., I don't know how to explain but I feel they become awkward once they stare at each other too long . and the cinematography has been done beautifully , I like the special color black and white effect and the instruments . If u see korean news, bcus of YSJ appearance in this drama, he got so many new movie and drama calls. If u underestimate him just bcus he is a rookie, truly ure the evil one. But i like himnot bcus of his good looks but bcus of his acting.He only debuted in 2016 (only acted in 3 dramas before this one) and alreadly landed a lead role.

Plus, he also received many movies/drama scripts that he didn't review yet because he's too busy.I was wary about her (and rightly so) but still wanted to give the drama a chance for Yang Se Jong's sake. I can't stand watching Him hurt all the way in this drama. The scene when he was yelling with his mother was also very cringey to watch (why oh why did the camera zoom onto his awkward balled up fist? I can easily turn that back on you, and call you a butthurt Yang Se Jong fan..I guess I just did.I'm not saying it's a masterpiece but it's watchable and unlike you, I think the 4 leads deliver top notch acting. I respect your opinion, that you think the cast made up for the rest of the show, but I disagree.Overall, I enjoy this drama and love that they work together again after their Romantic doctor Kim. I even love his acting more after i watch this drama Let's agree to disagree then...should I feel butthurt when most K-netizens agree with me on his acting skills.Yang Se Jong's acting has been constantly praised by them.Blaming him for the lack of chemistry, low ratings.