Humiliation chatrooms

You will be told to crawl and beg, lick my shoes etc. You may be forced to prove that your are truly bisexual.

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i cant even scream because of the ball gag shoved in my mouth.

then you and your husband walk in and you start licking my pussy while he rubs his hard throbbing cock. One of my most memorable times with a couple was hen the husband only wanted to watch.

Mmmmmmm We are a couple looking to have fun with a third person.

I have always fantasized seeing my husband with another woman or another man.

My husband will be ordered to service me during playtime, you must watch. She would be tied up and blindfolded( just for a little while). She would love to have every hole filled at the same time. If anyone is intrested, please send us a e-mail so we can set something up.:-PWe are married couple looking for some girl action for the wife.

She likes the thought of being tied up and having 2,3,4, or more men fucking her. Husband won't be involved, would like to watch but not participate.

"I just can't believe this," said the distraught husband. he threw one up as his wife called him and he turn his attention to her and the peanut when into his ear.

he tried to get it out with his finger but it slid farther into his ear.

She is a bigger girl but sexually very open minded. I enjoy watching him get used and abused by both sexes his horror, degdregation, pain, and humiliation are what gets me off. This is the female writing and I'm hoping to find someone who will match us. I want him to tell me how much he enjoys you and wants to be with you again.

My husband did some foul shit, for reasons I wont go into, I now own him he is my property. I want to see his hands all over your sexy body and you all over his.

Crossdressing husband love's to dress up and is open-minded and willing wife is open-minded doesn't mind being seen with me dressed up husband would definitely love to see his wife getting double penetrated something she always dreamed about while I am getting groped on We have been in the vanilla lifestyle for a long time but have branched out to include additional men (up to three at a time). husband is Bi-curious and has particapated in MM and MMM contact for wifes enjoyment and sharing wife with the other Ms. We have been with another couple, a bi female which my wife enjoys eating and a straight male my wife loves double anal and loves sucking two 🐓 At the same time While my wife is all straight I am my self love beautiful some bigger thicker erect penis when I see them make me in stand thinking of sucking him and or he fuck my wife, so I get to watch her, hear her, I gonna get to lick and suck his cream off and out of her, I gonna get back a stretched and totally cream filled pussy to fuck and suck his cock while fucking my wife. No need for kissing man, no anal sex at all wanted.