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It's actually the first thing a person senses (consciously or unconsciously) when they walk into the bedroom and is the biggest turn off, even when everything else is okay.Keep clothes folded and away, the floor vacuumed (under the bed too) and all your surfaces neat and clean.Heavy, tall curtains and a good rug or wall to wall carpet will do most of the heavy lifting here.Headboards are excellent for absorbing sound while you're in bed.Mae West was famous for saying, "The best way to get over a guy is to get under a new guy." Despite its many implications, it was a good reminder to me that amidst all the politics of dating, as an Apartment Therapist, underneath it ALL is a bed and the BEST way to catch the new person you want is to have a fantastic bedroom.

Your bedroom is the clearest expression of how you are feeling about yourself right now and is bathed in your pheromones.

Like any good hotel setup, you want to be able to have a nice light in bed before you go to sleep and you want the rest of the room to be softly illuminated with low, indirect light and NOT a fixture on your ceiling. Candles always carry a romantic connotation and for good reason.

The light they cast is the softest, warmest and sexiest around. For an even bigger effect, place you candles inside a lantern that will cast great shadows and light on your walls. A Note On Scented Candles: While I like nicely scented candles in the home, they can be too much at close range in the bedroom.

If it's a large standing mirror, you can easily move it if you want to as well.

I left this one for last because it's a buzz kill, but it can't be said enough that if you do NOTHING else, make sure your room is really, really clean.

Also try not to store anything under your bed if you can. Your bedroom should be lit for you and for your easy use.