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Other crude jokes targeted Mexicans and undocumented immigrants, while still another appeared to link bestiality to children in the Middle East.The memes were circulated in late December in private Facebook group chats titled “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens” and “General Fuckups,” two incoming Harvard freshmen told .As the OP states, getting into a chatroom in AOL was as simple as a couple of clicks. It's free if you provide your own internet connection.

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I have no idea where I could do this now, even though I have often heard or read about Internet chat rooms.

I used to go to a chat room where car repair was being discussed.

One incoming freshman and member of the group, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Daily Beast that “everyone started leaving the regular, clean meme group chat” after hearing some incoming students might have their admissions offers rescinded.

Jessica Zhang, another member of Harvard’s Class of 2021, was among those who left the group after seeing the offensive posts.

(if anyone is wondering what I'm referring to, it's the type of back and forth chat going on in one of those American justice pieces with NBC Chris Hanson on To Catch A Predator.)I have a question that dovetails the OPs.

Where ARE there chartrooms like the ones on AOL in their earlier days?the games usually have 7-20 people in them) for over a decade. Actually, why not find a free to play MMORPG that can be fun to play, hook up with a bunch of people in a guild and chat online in game with them.Intellectually they're a lot like Dopers: smart and corny and a few total dipsticks. I have joked for years, since I played Everquest 1 back in 99 that MMORPGs were mainly chatrooms with graphics and a little light killing. I have no friends where I'm living now, and I don't even have that many when I move out of here and go back to school.I do have one person that I routinely text, but she has a life and can't be devoted to talking to me all damn day/night so I really would love someone else to talk to during the boring 7PM-10PM timeframe, and I remember back in the AOL days that there were chatrooms for everything under the sun.Well if you have a lot of patience, you can have a wonderful time on Omegle.