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Or you could throw away that eyebrow pencil and mascara?Eyebrow and eyelash tinting are the easiest and most efficient ways to enhance your eyes — making them pop by dyeing hair a custom-mixed color that’s ideal for your skin tone.Whether you’re looking for dark, fluttery eyelashes or perfectly arched brows, Nude can help you achieve an alluring pair of eyes.

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Many apartments have been subdivided to create tiny 'coffin' homes to meet the demand for such housing. More than seven million people call Hong Kong home.

Mr Wong, who pays US6 (0) in monthly rent, has lived in caged homes for more than twenty years - small caged homes are what people lived in before the 'coffin' homes became more prevalent there.'It's been two years since I applied for public housing, but I still haven't heard back. The government plans to build 460,000 apartments over the next decade.

Nude Beautique is considered one of the best eyebrow shaping and eyelash dyeing centers in Hong Kong.

Our technicians have years of experience in eyebrow shaping and we understand the power of beautiful eyes.

Even sans makeup, brow tinting will make you look completely put together, instantly upgrading your look and transforming your face.

What if you could wake up with long, dark lashes every morning?

Nude is definitely up there as one of our favourite places to de-fuzz in HK – we even included them in our Top 10 Hair Removal Salons here.

And this year, Nude is making it even easier for you to schedule in a quick wax in between all those meetings and New Year’s to-do tasks.

One of our most popular eyebrow shaping services is threading.

This technique has been used in women’s beauty regimes since ancient times, originating thousands of years ago in imperial India, China and Persia.

The United Nations has described such housing as 'an insult to human dignity', but Mr Wong can't afford the sky high rents and has to make do with this.