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Egor scored more than twenty thounsand votes and was invited to speak at one of the main areas of Pop, St.Petersburg BKZ "October's", with the song "Vdokhnovenie" (Inspiration).He liked my photos because I was a former photo model and long lived in America.

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After the release of a cover version which was originally performed by Timati, "Ne skhodi s uma" (Don't be mad), the cover earned a million of views.After that, Timati's production center, Black Star Inc. In April 2012, Timati signed a contract with the promising singer.The Bachelor Evgeniy Levchenko had to choose between 26 gorgeous girls, participants of the reality show.And only two the most beautiful girls has reached the final.But according to some sources, they have done so and Olesya is pregnant.

His father, Nikolai Bulatkin, belongs to the largest Russian company for processing of nuts "Unitron".On April 2, 2015 Egor has released his first solo album "Holostyak" (The Bachelor).Today Egor recorded about 60 songs and video clips, among them: "Nado li", "Zavedi moi puls", "Samaya Samaya", "Nevesta", "Rasstoyaniya", "Bolshe chem lyubov" (with Alexey Vorobyov), "Starletka", "Tolko ty", "You're my galaxy" etc.Since 2011, she is the creative producer on Top Gear Live in Moscow.Olesya Ermakova during the show “The Bachelor” admitted that she traveled the world in search of the perfect man, but could not find the ideal.For several years Egor recorded songs, gradually honing his skills. On the advice of friends, he took a video "Lyubov v seti" on You Tube.