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YOU CANNOT RUN A CS: S SERVER ON A DSL OR CABLE MODEM CONNECTION. The latency is too high and the upload speeds are not sufficient.

Assuming you have a fiber optic connection, you will still need to have enough upload speed to deliver the thousands of game updates each player needs every second.

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Download and upload some large files while watching the CPU graph to make sure you're not overloading the router's main processor.

* Domain Name System (DNS) * See Wikipedia: Since this guide assumes DHCP from your internet provider, you will want to setup some kind of dynamic DNS service so that players can always find your server if your IP changes.

Enter Dyn DNS: Dyn DNS allows you to create a host name (e.g. and have it updated automatically by your server (using the Dyn DNS update software) or by your router.

In the spirit of rolling your own, I highly recommend the following router distribution: m0n0wall - Some of the key benefits of m0n0wall are: The whole router setup used about 35 watts. If you're into spending a bit of money, I suggest checking out Mini-Box (

They have a bunch of Mini-ITX based motherboards and cases, plus some really cool embedded stuff.

If you router says "D-Link", "Linksys", or "Netgear" it will probably not do the job for you.

These consumer-level routers do not have the capabilities you will need and most often crash and burn under moderate to heavy packet load.

The ALIX WIFI boards are fully supported by m0n0wall.