I got fed up one day and decided that it would be SO much easier to read the testament of flamel if I translated it into modern english.


11 Marry (combine) the young god Mercury which is quick silver (mercury metal),with the philosophic mercury you just made, so that you may actuate and fortify your quick silver.

Fortify your mercury seven or even ten or eleven times with this agent.

In actuality mercury metal which only nicolas flamel ever actually used is only one of several suitable solvents for gold, The wet way which uses the true alkahest is completely non toxic and far more common ammong alchemical writings.) 6 Belive stedfastly ,that the goal of the philospohic industry is to create the mercury of the wise,because it contains everything we seek.

It has alwayst been sought after by all ancient wise men.

When your thief has them in his belly (melted together) he is good for preparing the quick silver (mercury) which I will make known to you.

8 Do not stray from the right road but trust to my words,and then give yourself over to the practice which I am going to bestow on you in the name of the Father,the Son, and the Holy Spirit The practice is as follows:9 First take the first born child of saturn (antimony ore Sb S),9 parts,and the sabre chalibs of the god of war (natural iron), 4 parts.We have not done anything without this mercury made with gold or silver any more than they have.Without these three There is nothing in the whole world capable of accomplishing the philosophical and medicinal tincture.Within which I have written secrets word for word,sheet by sheet, as I have acomplished and worked with your dear aunt Perenelle whose passing I very much regret.3 Be very careful before you work, to search out the right way as a man of understading should.The operation unless it is taught, as I am doing, is not at all easy to preform, on the contrary is very difficult to find out.