Happy one year dating anniversary poems onyx halifax speed dating

We have not always communicated in a compassionate loving way and still here we are.

We have stumbled down the path of raising four boys with minds of their own and still here we are.

With no understanding of my own we have begun follow a path in recent months that has placed us more closely yoked than ever before and I am glad we are still here.

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How I feel loved each time you smile or touch my hand and, when I need someone to listen, I know you'll understand.

With the start of each new day I find myself thinking of you...

Whether it's for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or "just because" days.

Some of these happy anniversary messages celebrate milestones of love, while others anticipate joys to come.

And no matter how hard things may get for us, always remember that I do now, and always will, love you with all of my heart.

Until the day that your three roses fade, I will always love you more and more. James On this wonderful day I want to see you smiling! You are in my lovely dreams, You are essential for my life, I need you every hour...

I can't wait to see what comes next for us in life and am so excited to make new memories with you. Happy anniversary, my dear, With love and this flower! Today is the perfect time to tell you what you mean to me.

If you could see my heart stop and I would yet live, It's shine would proclaim how I love you, But my heart cannot stop nor can you see it, Alas words cannot be heard that would show it, So take this gift in its stead, place it in the sunlight, From its shine you can presume to know it. How I depend on you to love me for who I am and believe in me for what I hope to be.

I know how real roses always wither and fade, but this rose, like my love for you, will last forever and always. ALWAYS I've loved you since the sun first rose, I've loved you through God-sent catastrophe and manmade disaster, I'll love you though my heart stops beating and my eyes run dry, through time and in spite of it, for our love has its roots in eternity and cannot fall victim to time or death. It is only what it is, always has been, always will be. There are some things that cliches can't adequately describe, so I'm hopelessly misled into believing that this will help make some of the intangible a bit more tangible. July 26th, 2009 - July 26th, 2010 To the love of my life! It's been a most wonderful 25 (official) years with you, and I look forward to the next 25 to be even more wonderful and special! I can't imagine any other life than the one I've shared with you. I am at a loss for more words, so I will just say I love you more than anything.

Thank you for raising our children, and loving me so much. We have shared many seasons in a short 23 years together and apart.

This last year has been amazing and I couldn't be happier, you make my life perfect just by being in it.