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“Research has shown that this is typically a female trait. I feel guilty for the sake of feeling guilty sometimes.

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I asked some female friends how often they felt guilty, and pretty much all of the said they feel guilty all the time. Meanwhile, another friend’s extensive list of things she feels guilty about includes not seeing her friends enough, which means she feels guilty every time she’s alone, because she feels like there’s someone she should be seeing.I have a particularly half-baked theory that while women sweat the small stuff, men feel just as much, if not more guilt over big indiscretions.A little guilt isn’t a bad thing - it stops us behaving like total sociopaths, for a start, but it’s impacting on every area of our lives.The biggest guilt factor for most women seems to be motherhood - studies have shown that more than half of working mothers feel guilty about leaving their children at home.And with the number of mothers going out to work at an all time high, we’re primed, as a gender, to become even guiltier.

I asked my own mum who has always worked full time (I had a stay-at-home dad, so I wasn’t even being shipped off to a child-minders or something) if she ever felt guilty about going out to work, and working long hours? “I felt guilty because I didn’t know my children’s teacher’s names, or the way to the classroom because I went to the school so rarely.She is married, but she still fucked me better than ever. In the book, Borchard lists the many things she feels guilty for, everything from not cleaning the house to letting her kids eat more candy to worrying too much to being overly candid with her writing to overeating.I have a girlfriend now and I like her a lot, but I still miss my teacher's ass.The other day, I visited my old school and actually talked to her again. She would always wear very sexy dresses and they would always have colorful and tight skirts.