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Such photo tickets were utilized by the artists to create the postcards. Variants exist on the spelling of the photocrom photographic printing process.While the present English spelling is photochrome , the spelling utilized by the Library of Congress is photochrom , which reflects historical spelling.

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Thirty-two postcards were impressed on each sheet, affording Curt Teich to maintain quality and meet high volume demands faster than his competition. Photo Cote process, in which a black and white photograph was utlized in the printing, and a high-gloss coating was subsequently added to provide the appearance of a glossy photo print.Of the six photo ticket proofs in the collection, the three that date from January of 1912 are marked to be printed in this photochrom process: 4m Ptchm ; the three dating from January of 1911 are marked to be printed in the 5 m Photo-Glazed style. These Curt Teich artifacts are seemingly rare and unusual, since the earliest job packets that were held in the industrial archives of the Curt Teich Company (and subsequently donated to the Lake County Discovery Museum in 1982) dates from 1925.In fact, using my most exciting find, I was able to date the postcard of Continental uniforms to its exact year. Well, many of the postcards in our collections were made by Curt Teich & Co., and as you can probably guess, they are unused. for information about its production of postcards, I found the Curt Teich Archives, and they used postcards and documents from the Teich family and the company to compile a dating guide!The guide allows me to give more definitive dates to our many Curt Teich postcards.Some of the postcards we have in our collections are used, so it’s very easy to give them a date. At first, dating these unused postcards seemed like an impossible mystery to solve.

So, how have I been able to figure out a date or time period for all of our unused postcards?The collection consists of six 1911-1912 photo tickets , or proofs, bearing the original photographs that have been retouched, while the back sides have color guidelines supplied by clients, as well as the intended printing process and Curt Teich serial number.The black-and-white photographs have been retouched to indicate elements to be emphasized or deleted.Linen postcards were very much in vogue in the 1930s to mid-1940s, so we can use this knowledge to date the object.Another way I have dated postcards is by using context clues.This summer as an intern at the Archives, I have been working on revamping our online exhibit about postcards featuring the Smithsonian.