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Though Gene's early childhood was uneventful, the Depression brought dramatic changes. Nevertheless, she was sent to a Swiss boarding school to finish her education properly.

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Her father, Howard, was a successful insurance broker.He and his wife Belle were extraordinarily attractive and Gene, her brother and sister all inherited their good looks.In the midst of this tragedy, Gene's career thrived.She played her most famous role in the mystery Laura in 1944. Now unexplained anxieties that had always plagued Gene began to intensify.This time Twentieth Century Fox beckoned, and Gene refused to sign until she was guaranteed work.

Gene's first film appearance was in The Return of Frank James, starring Henry Fonda. She earned a good reputation for herself by following his lead.

When they reached Hollywood, Howard's business contacts arranged studio tours for the family.

On the Warner Brother's tour, a director admired Gene and offered her a screen test.

Soon after, she earned an Academy Award nomination for her chilling portrayal of a dangerously jealous woman in Leave Her to Heaven (1945). On November 19, 1949, their second daughter, Christina, was born. She was suffering symptoms of manic depression, a disease that was not widely understood at the time.

She was also strong in Heaven Can Wait (1943), The Razor's Edge (1946) and The Ghost and Mrs. She often felt wildly irrational as she worked on The Egyptian (1954) and the tension showed in (and, perversely, improved) her performance. At the end of production, she was admitted to the Institute for Living, where she endured brutal shock treatments.

Gene Tierney was one of the great beauties of classic Hollywood and an actress of somewhat underrated ability.