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When the sentence was being executed and a young man was whipping him in a public street, Turkltaub shouted, “ Nicholas was the Tsar, and Nicholas will be the Tsar.” Yosel Shochet (Isenshtat) lived in the same house.

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(The market days were Friday and Tuesday.) He was an honest and reliable person, and the merchants had great confidence in him.

He would bring large sums of money from Plock to Sierpc (for the grain), and also from Sierpc to Plock (to merchants, or to the banks) and he always carried out his responsibilities admirably.

We continue our journey and review in the Jewish Street, and the Vloka (Vlikes).

The name, Jewish Street, was accepted by the people, both Jewish and Polish. The first house on Jewish Street, a small one-story house, was that of Kalman Lidzbreski.

His son, Avraham Haim, was among the exceptional young men in town, an outstanding scholar. The bridge that was suspended here over the Sierpianitza was the central and chief bridge of the bridges in town.

It was also the most useful one, because the river here passed through the center of town, and divided it into two densely populated parts.

There was always heavy traffic over this bridge, both of pedestrians and of carriages. Because of the possibility of flooding, the bridge was built on top of tall pillars.

The street on both sides of the bridge was in any case elevated, and the adjacent sidewalks at the four corners were lower than the street.

Reb David was a teacher in town, and his family took care of the store.

Beria Oberfeld lived in the small house in the yard. Twice a week, he would take grain to Plock: on Sunday he would take the grain that merchants bought on Friday, and on Wednesday, the grain that they bought on Tuesday.

And she, a gentle and pious women, did not skimp with her favors, helped as much as she could, and would mutter a few words, and remove the evil eye from the victim.