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These are the top of the range cameras, and obviously very expensive.Webcams that typically come with laptops aren't very good, and it is not worth buying an ultra-cheap webcam, either, as the images will be grainy.

Group chat is a great addition for models and customers alike.

- by Ubud In this article, Observer123 discusses how using our Cam to Cam functionally can greatly improve the overall experience of a private with a model, for example, how talking to the model is better than typing.

You can change whether a private is shared in your "Shows" section; this is in the top right hand corner of the page.

As to which webcams are best, you do not have to use a Sony EVI.

However, you may get feedback or echoing if the cam is on, so it might be better to use headphones, which is not quite as convenient, or have the model call you.

Note that when using phones, most such models are based in the US, and so most are only able to call within the US and maybe Canada.Observer123 provides tips for having a better conversation, addresses privacy concerns, suggested webcams, and how to set up Cam to Cam.Using a cam can greatly improve the enjoyment of privates.It's similar to multi user, but you can't throw in your cam, nor do you get the vod for later viewing.Minor drawbacks, considering the advantages of price and quality of experience.Another tip to beating feedback is to mute the sound in the bottom right of the screen when you are in private, if the model calls you.